My preschool girls love this Bible!

One has to be careful when they place “hands-on” in the title of a book, let alone a Bible! But the folks at Group and Tyndale Kids have done a marvelous job with this interactive Bible. What they say on the back of the story Bible is true:

The Bible young children can really get their hands on! Go from just reading the Bible with your kids to experiencing it! My First Hands-On Bible does what no other Bible can–it brings the Bible to life with fun activities and games that tie directly to the Bible stories… kids will get into the Bible, and the Bible will get into their hearts, giving them a priceless foundation of faith in God.

My First Hands-On BibleThe creators have done a number of unique things with this children’s story Bible

It’s the “real Bible text”

What, you say? Yep, the text contain the actual text of Scripture from the New Living Translation (NLT). It’s abridged, but not rewritten by another author. Therefore, the reader might come across words that preschool children might not understand and so you get to help explain the actual biblical text.

There are “hands-on activities” to do as your reading the story

This is the part my girls absolutely love! For example, we were reading the story of David and Goliath a while back and we did all the activities as we read through the story. You get to point on the wall to see how tall you would be to Goliath, make lion and bear sounds, use your fingers to count to five, and put a finger on your forehead and then lie down on the floor.

Now one can do these kind of activities on their own while they are reading the Bible to their children, but if you are anything like me (which means we always have the best of intentions) we get tired at the end of the day and our brains and will power aren’t quite what they were earlier in the day. Having “hands-on” aids really helps! And my girls just love this Bible.

Other highlights

They have a “Jesus Connection” component which is really good. Also some other activities to go along with the story should you have more time. There are a couple of discussion questions that are available as well as a closing prayer.


I know if a children’s story Bible is good the moment I pick one up. I can see by the looks on my daughters’ faces. Either they are excited with anticipation, or they slouch with dread. When I pick up My First Hands-On Bible, they are always excited.


Is My First Hands-On Bible a full text of the Bible? Kinda. While it does have the actual text of Scripture (NLT), it is not a full-text of the Bible.
Does this story Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes.
Are the major Bible stories present? Yes… many.

Number of pages: 416
Age range: 3 – 6 years
Publisher: Tyndale Kids, July 25, 2011

This story Bible is available at:


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