NIrV Kids Study BibleI think I was around 7 when I started to tackle the “real” Bible…

I think it’s great that there is an amazing collection of story Bibles that have been published to bring a sometimes complicated text and transfer it to children in a variety of ways. We forget that the Bible is an ancient document, written to a culture thousands of years ago… far removed and very different than our own culture. I think it’s great that publishers and storytellers work hard to bring this ancient text to children.

It is quite an undertaking to bring this ancient text and put it into language and concepts that the 21st century kid can understand. The NIrV Kids’ Study Bible does a great job taking a stab at making the whole Scripture available for a developmentally young audience.

The NIrV Kids’ Study Bible takes the New International Version (NIV) translation and makes it even more understandable:

We made sure that people who are just starting to read could understand and enjoy the NIrV. Children will be able to read it and understand it. So will older people who are learning how to read or those who are reading the Bible for the first time. So will people who have a hard time understanding what they read. And so will people who use English as their second language. We hope this Bible will be just right for you.

Features of the NIrV Kids’ Study Bible

This children’s study Bible has some neat features to help those who are approaching the whole Bible for the first time:

Brain Game

Brain Game
Brain Game

These are sort of strategically placed review questions that helps the reader solidify the content or story they just read.

Check It Out!

Check It Out
Check It Out

This feature is very convenient and helpful. Check it out helps the reader understand what might culturally going on that they might miss, or how big something is compared to something we would know. It helps to bridge a gap between an ancient culture and our modern one.

Soak It Up

Soak It Up
Soak It Up

This feature highlights Bible verses that might be good to meditate on or memorize.

Book Introductions

Book Introductions

At the beginning of each book of the Bible, the publisher has placed a simple and informative introduction to the content that follows.


While I haven’t read the whole NIrV translation, I have read the NIV numerous times and can vouch for its general accuracy (all translations have their inherent issues and difficulties with an ancient text). I imagine that the NIrV takes the text and switches out language to meet a new reader where they are at. This isn’t unlike what most storytellers do or parents reading something to their children do and they explain or switch out words as they go.

My favorite part of this Bible is that it is the whole Bible and there are featres that help explain difficult things and guide new readers to a greater understanding of God’s Word. Can’t beat that!


Is the NIrV Kids’ Study Bible a full text of the Bible? Yes.
Does this Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes, all of them!
Are the major Bible stories present? Yep.

Number of pages: 1824
Age range: 6 – 9 years
Publisher: Zonerkidz; Revised edition, January 27, 2004

This story Bible is available at:


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  1. I currently teach a combined group of all ages for children’s worship…yikes. My favorite group is my Suday School group of grade 3-5. Being able to go deeper into Bible concepts is awesome with these children.

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