NIV Adventure BibleThis kids’ Bible even comes with its own website!

There are a number of great children’s Bibles available that contains the whole, unedited Bible in it (see here and here). The NIV Adventure Bible can be added to that list and it does not disappoint!

I love how publishers putting more and more teaching aids and helps in these kids-directed Bibles. It’s like having a knowledgeable teacher sit alongside of you as you read to point out things of note and help in understanding. Here are some aids the NIV Adventure Bible has:

  • An overview of each book of the Bible that details the author, why the book was written, what is learned about God, who are the key people, when the book was written, and where it happened. Take a look at a sample here.
  • “Did You Know” informational sections that help the reader understand the meaning of words as well as some context as to what is going on. Take a look at a sample here.
  • “Words to Treasure” highlights a Bible verse worth memorizing. Take a look at a sample here.
  • “Live It!” is an applicational tool that brings the ancient narrative into sharp, practical and relevant practice for the student in their life. Take a look at a sample here.
  • “People in Bible Times” draws attention to the characters in the story. Take a look at a sample here.
  • “Life in Bible Times” helps the reader understand in modern language what an ancient reader would have known already. It helps translate what was meant in an ancient context to a modern one. Take a look at a sample here.

There are also 4 sections in this Bible that has colorful sheets to highlight things like the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, famous children in the Bible, etc.

The NIV Adventure Bible is a great children’s Bible to have that is directed toward older elementary students.



Is the NIV Adventure Bible a full text of the Bible? Yes.
Does this story Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? All of them.
Are the major Bible stories present? Yep.

Number of pages: 1488
Age range: 9 – 12 years
Publisher: Zonderkidz, revised edition, June 25, 2013

This story Bible is available at:

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  1. This is a fantastic Bible that I have used before. I would give this to my Pastor’s wife to be used in her Children’s Church. She and Pastor have given all our children a new Bible.

  2. We use Wesley Bible Curriculum for our primary and junior students. For WKFM we use the material provided by The Wesleyan Church.

  3. Love the idea of teacher helps and ideas right along with the text. Allows nicely for differentiated instruction.

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