Nursery Pager

Need a simple paging system for your church nursery, or even your children’s ministry?

Enter Nursery Pager.

No need to buy pagers, transmitters, batteries, etc. Almost every parent carries a cell phone that has texting capabilities. This service takes advantage of that fact.

How it works:

A parent texts a special code to a phone number that is unique to the church. They will get a couple of automated texts back asking for their first and last name. That’s it. They are registered. The nursery or children’s ministry staff must login to a website (computer, tablet or phone capable) and from there can send a message to any registered user. That’s it. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

All accounts start out with a 14-day trial. Then it’s $35 per month (unlimited contacts, staff, and messages).

If you’re in need of a nursery paging solution, this one is definitely worth a look!


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