Passing on the Faith to the Rising Generation is Worth It!

Thank you. Thank you for serving God and His children. It is worth it!   [video_embed][/video_embed] HT [button href="" size="medium" textcolor="#ffffff" target="_blank"]Kidmin1124[/button] source [button href="" size="medium" textcolor="#ffffff" target="_blank"]YouTube[/button]

Family Ministry Beginnings on a Whiteboard

Ministering to families ALWAYS seems like an overwhelming task. This is life we are talking about… regular, average, normal, everyday life. Messing with “their life” seems invasive and most passively (with smiles) resist. Have you ever tried to tell a family what to do? Most families are content with giving up an average of two [...]

Modern Family Infographic

The study of 2000 Brits was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to mark the release of Modern Family Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray. Results that stand out: Average amount of family time per day [marker]2:55 minutes[/marker] Average amount of TV per day [marker]5.2 hours[/marker] Average family sleeps well. Kids go to bed [...]

A New Ministry Volunteer Training Welcome Video

[video_embed][/video_embed] David Wakerley created a great ministry volunteer welcome video. What a great idea! Maybe it's something you could include in your ministry context... HT [button href="" size="medium" textcolor="#ffffff" target="_blank"]KidInspiration[/button] source [button href="" size="medium" textcolor="#ffffff" target="_blank"]Vimeo[/button]

MTV’s Insights into the Millennial Generation

Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, consists of people born around the late-1970′s to the early 2000′s. MTV, for better or worse, is known for its culturally relevant or astute programming, targeted, almost precisely, at its intended demographic. “MTV made a decision at its point of inception to never grow old with the [...]

TrueStory Genesis

Product Description TrueStory Genesis focuses primarily on the idea of storytelling. It takes the stories of the Bible and enables the students to tell, retell, and tell again the story of the week. It encourages using different ways to tell the story and to help every learner feel accepted. This curriculum goes directly through the [...]

Wreath Relay Game

How to Play the "Wreath Relay" Game Form teams based on the number of participants who want to play. We broke the group into 5 teams of 5 each. Then you pit two teams against each other with a Christmas wreath for each group. The participants may not use their hands (have them clasp them [...]