Paper Palm Branches and Plastic Eggs

What do paper palm branches and plastic eggs have to do with discipleship?

Kids in local Wesleyan churches across the country will be waving paper palm branches this coming Sunday and searching for plastic eggs filled with surprises.  Churches who understand the value of creating spiritual memories for our children that connect a tangible action with a biblical lesson will gather scissors, paper and glue and let their children reenact the triumphal entry.  Other churches will hide plastic eggs filled with a child’s joy and give their kids an opportunity to find the prize egg while drawing connections from a secularized, Christian event to the real reason for our joy.

Giving children an opportunity to celebrate together as a church community, to interact with the biblical message in a concrete way, and to draw connections from what they know – colored eggs – to what they need to know – Jesus Christ is risen indeed! – creates spiritual memories.

A Barna study recently reported the decline in 18-25 year olds who understand the true purpose of Easter.  Let’s help this coming generation to know and grasp biblical truth “by all possible means” (I Cor. 9:22).