“Love God in front of your children, not just tell their children to love God.”

We need to share our feelings in front of our children. It shows and teaches them to express their feelings as well as give them a language to what those feelings might be.


Let’s not just tell our children what they ought to feel, let’s model the feeling before them. Let’s be expressive in the way we feel about God.

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2 replies on “Parents: Love God in Front of Your Children”

  1. Hello Jeremy, I am very happy that you are sending us these articles. I am sure this is a lot of work to keep up with.They are often helpful, encouraging and/or affirming. Sometimes I pass them on to my (grown) kids to help them in raising their kids.
    I wonder if there is any way to download the videos you send so that I could show them at our church where we have no internet. I would like to show this at our church – we have mostly grandparents in our congregation.
    By the way I am 100 % with you on teaching the kids through the bible! I taught a group of 4th grade girls using the Bible Story Card System. We also made a time line and they received a tiny object each week to represent the story and after a full year in the OT, they could dump 50 items on the table, put them in order, tell me what each story was and why it was important.
    Now, many years later I am working at doing a similar process with our kids at church. They mostly come with grandparents and have had NO church in their lives. They are also young so I am sure we will need to go through the process again in a couple years, as they get older. When we came to this church 6 years ago, we had NOT ONE regular kid… now we have 7-8 total with at least a few of them coming each week just because they “want to”. I pray they will continue to “want to” and that their Moms and Dads will discover the need to know God.
    Thanks again, Carol Nace

    1. Yes, there is a way to download these for offline use, I’ll send you a private email detailing the process.

      I’m glad they’re helpful. And yes, while it is a lot of work to keep up with, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned through research and writing. It’s a lot of fun!

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