Planning Center Check-Ins

If you use the Planning Center suite of software for anything in your church, you might have heard they are in beta for a check-ins program. This check-ins system isn’t for children’s ministry only, but can be used to track live attendance in any ministry or organizational setting.



“Let’s face it, kids can be a handful, and with a difficult and tedious check-in process it can make matters worse. Planning Center Check-Ins allows you to quickly and safely check in your child and reduces your stress level.”


“Your volunteers are important, so why not make things easier for them. Check-Ins allows you to delegate and manage your volunteers so they can focus on performing the tasks they need to complete for the church.”


“How many people are where? With Check-Ins live updating, you can stay up to date with your volunteers and staff’s locations. Check-Ins is also integrated with Planning Center Services so you can easily sync your people.”

It looks like you can use any device to access this check-ins system. Pricing is a pay per month model.

Check out this video:

source Planning Center Check-Ins

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