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Have you ever thought about using different stations or places kids could go in order to teach and help children practice prayer?

Yeah, me neither :)

Matt and Jenna are children’s pastors @ Valley Christian Center, and they wrote a blog post a while back detailing a list of possible prayer stations anyone could use in their children’s ministry to help teach and practice prayer.

promise stationStations include:

  • Prayer Wall
  • Promise Station
  • Search My Heart Station
  • Encouragement Station
  • Blessing Wall

Check out more details plus instructions and lots more pictures @ VCC Kids.

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One reply on “Prayer Stations”

  1. We’ve had “Prayer Journeys” for several years now that invoke 6-8 different prayer stations that the groups of kids rotate thru. It’s so great to see God move in our kids and leaders as they experience prayer in this way. Leaders have told me it has deepened & expanded their prayer lives. Parents have shared with me that their kids are leading THEM in prayer and praying at home & elsewhere unashamedly. One ver shy, 6 yr old boy, volunteered to pray before the wedding of his older brother in. Front of a bunch of adults, many he did not know. He dropped down on his knees (in his suit!) and prayed out loud that brought tears to many of the adults there. Soooooo many stories about the power of prayer and the possibilties of different types of prayer stations are many. If one has never done this with the kids (or youth, or adults)’ then I highly recommend!

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