Read and Learn BibleThis children’s Bible is a page turner.

When my girls were toddlers, the more pages could be turned the better. If a children’s book or Bible had lots of words on one page, they got bored quickly. The reader (me) had to do all kinds of “tricks” with my voice inflection, acting out, dramatic pauses, etc. in order to keep their attention (this was sort of fun). But those children’s Bibles where there were short, readable text, with lots of graphics (things to look at) and a number of page turns per story, were the best. The one that my two girls loved the most was The Big Picture Story Bible.

While I haven’t used the Read and Learn Bible: Stories from the Old and New Testaments with my two daughters, the principle of multiple page turns per story rings true here. Stories seem to average between 4-8 pages. This children’s story Bible has an added advantage for me personally: my oldest daughter is in first grade and her reading skills are exploding. This Bible would be perfect nightly reading material for her because the paraphrasing (based off of the Contemporary English Version) is readable for an early reader.

I’m thinking about picking up this children’s Bible for my girls to practice their reading on.

There are 52 Old Testament and 54 New Testament Bible stories represented in this children’s story book Bible. Each story comes with simple text and full color and age appropriate graphics. Accompanying each story are usually a couple of “highlighted information throughout the text [that] brings added meaning and dimension to the stories.”

The Read and Learn Bible is a perfect children’s Bible for early readers and younger.



Is the Read and Learn Bible a full text of the Bible? No.
Does this story Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? About 100.
Are the major Bible stories present? Yep.

Number of pages: 544
Age range: 4–8 years
Publisher: Scholastic, October 1, 2005

This story Bible is available at:

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