Read with Me BibleAmazing graphics.

Not all graphics are created equal. Each illustrator uses different techniques. Every reader and purchaser has their own tastes. It’s difficult to please everyone. However, in my opinion, the Read with Me Bible: NIrV Bible Storybook has incredible graphics. They are fresh, current, and visually appealing. And because children’s Bibles tend to be looked at as much as read, having great illustrations is important–especially when children are younger.

The text is based off of the NIrV version of the Bible which takes the NIV and adapts it for “readers.” The NIrV is further adapted in short vignettes in this story Bible for younger readers (4-8 years). The stories are simple and seem to be accurately relayed. Some stories are short, others are long. Some children’s Bibles force every Bible story to fit a certain format (i.e. like one page each). I appreciate when a publisher doesn’t cram the story of creation into one page like one could easily to with Cain and Abel’s story.

From the back cover:

The Read with Me Bible: Children love it. Parents trust it. Action-packed with full-color art, this storybook Bible contains Old and New Testament sections and brings 105 best-loved Bible stories to life. Children will love reading it with you or to you.



Is the Read with Me Bible a full text of the Bible? No.
Does this story Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes.
Are the major Bible stories present? Yep.

Number of pages: 444
Age range: 4-8 years
Publisher: ZonderKidz; Rev Upd edition, February 22, 2000

This story Bible is available at:

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  1. I like to look at several versions of Easy-to-read Bibles when choosing one to use with a lesson. Sometimes one will fit better than another. Thanks for the review.

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