How to play the “Sack Races” Game

We found some burlap sacks for $3-4 each at our local hardware store, so you’ll need to pick up a few of these. And you’ll need some space, or a “lane” of sorts. At our Youth group we used people for the students to tag. At Followers (elementary students) we just used masking tape on the floor to mark off the beginning and finish line. Take your pick.

We had 2-3 participants race in the sacks.

Things we noticed (which you will too in the video) is that it is tempting for students to interfere in creative ways with games where the participants are in close proximity to other students. So keep in mind you’ll have to control the spectators or do it in a location where the crowd cannot interfere. Both students and leaders participated in this game. Lots of fun!!

Check out this game in action:

source Vimeo

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