How to Play the “Snowball Fight” Game

Crumpled Ball of PaperGrab some scratch paper (or paper you are going to recycle), white and colored, and enough for every participant to have one (possibly two or three). Divide the group in half, one group on one side, and another group on the other side. Place a defined center line (in our case we used chairs). Hand out white paper to one group, and colored paper to the other.

The object of the game is to keep ANY paper off your side of the room and on to the other side of the room. Once the students get their paper, have them wad it up like a “snowball” and get ready to throw it to the other side. Set a designated period of time to throw the pieces of paper (in our case we did 60 seconds).

Say “GO!” and sit back and enjoy the mayhem!

See the game in action:

source YouTube

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