The Big Red TractorThe Big Red Tractor is a neat story about a tractor that a “little village” uses sort of incorrectly.

The tractor does it’s main job of plowing a field, but the village people push and pull it instead of start it up. As a result, the pushing and pulling takes the villagers 3 months to prepare the field in time to plant. This worked well for the villagers as their efforts fed their whole village for the year. This satisfied everyone for many generations.

That is until Farmer Dave found the instruction manual for “The Big Red Tractor” and realized that the tractor could start on its own and the engine would push and pull the tractor across the little village’s fields!! At first no one would believe him, but then after Farmer Dave plowed all the fields in one night, they became believers!

The little village ends up being able to feed many other villages as well as their own as a result of using the tractor as it was meant to be used.

It’s a remarkable story. The author intends this story to be a parable about the church and how it often (quite ironically) doesn’t use the ability or the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the mission of God’s people. It’s a compelling story that calls the church to depend on the Holy Spirit to breathe life and empower God’s people to do great things in this world for Him.

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