The Children's Illustrated BibleI have an older version of this Bible. And to be honest, I have never read through it.

What I’ve appreciated about The Children’s Illustrated Bible is its:

  • introductions
  • maps
  • historical graphics
  • historical facts and explanations
  • illustrations

The above mentioned appreciated pieces to this children’s Bible almost can stand on their own. What I mean by that is that this illustrated children’s Bible didn’t need to tell any Bible stories. That might be an awkward statement, but because this story Bible does such a great job with the illustrations and historical graphics and maps, the Bible story retelling seems to get in the way of what this book does well.

When one thumbs through or attempts to read this illustrated Bible, your eyes and attention are drawn to the historical facts, graphics, pictures, etc rather than the story. It’s almost like one can “read” through the Bible just by looking at and reading the things on the sidebar and intermixed throughout the words on the page. These pieces are placed more prominently than the actual Bible story itself.

Not to take away from the Bible story words that accompany this story Bible, I just found myself more enthralled with the “extra” pieces than the story itself. It would be distracting for me as a father to attempt to read this story to my girls at night because of all those interesting facts they intersperse throughout the stories. Again, all good. But it is distracting. They could have done one or the other.

Some reviews on Amazon cautioned would-be purchasers and users of this story Bible to be careful of different interpretations. Other’s seem to have nothing but good things to say about this story Bible. Take all of these into consideration should you be interested in purchasing The Children’s Illustrated Bible for use at home or at church. At the very least it is handy to have on your shelf as a reference tool (I use this story Bible quite frequently for the historical facts and maps and such).

From the back cover of the story Bible

The Garden of Eden. Noah’s Ark. Moses. David and Goliath. The life of Jesus. The Bible features many amazing stories about extraordinary people, places and events. Now, with The Children’s Illustrated Bible, you can experience then as if you were really there.

  • Retold especially for children in a clear, lively style that retains the poetry of the original Bible stories.
  • Color photographs and illustrations of the people, places, plants, and animals of the Bible vividly bring each story to life.
  • Quotations from the King James Bible with chapter and verse references.
  • Prepared with the help of scholars, religious advisers, and education experts.


Is The Children’s Illustrated Bible a full text of the Bible? Nope.
Does this Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes, it has a number of stories in it.
Are the major Bible stories present? Mostly, yes.

Number of pages: 320
Age range: 10 and up
Publisher: DK CHILDREN, February 21, 2005

This story Bible is available at:


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9 replies on “The Children’s Illustrated Bible | Children’s Bible”

  1. I would use this Bible in 1 of 4 ways.. To read to my little nephews/niece, use it in my 2nd-6th grade Sunday school class, use it during WKFM, and during Wed night Kids Club. It would be used ALOT!!!!

  2. I would give this Bible to our Pastor’s wife to use in WKFM, Sunday school, and Children’s Church. I know it would help her to answer the kids’ questions. They could also use it to look up the information they need.

  3. I would use it many ways….lets count…
    1) with my 3 children ages 3, 7,11
    2) with my Sunday school program, as a visual aid and story reinforcer in lessons
    3) with my children’s ministry course at
    4) I can blog about it as well
    5) in conference presentations on encouraging children to love Gods Word!….

    Just the top five!

  4. I think the illustrations would be nice to use along with lessons. I like to have a visual for the kids to look at to go along with Bible stories. And I think they would be interested in the maps as well.

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