Systematic, comprehensive, and intentional.

The Gospel Story BibleThe Gospel Story Bible has 156 chronological Bible stories (78 in the Old Testament and 78 in the New Testatment). It’s a children’s story Bible that corresponds to a 3-year curriculum called The Gospel Story for Kids.

The writer and creator, Marty Machowski, takes a systematic, comprehensive and intentional approach through Scripture. It’s not exhaustive, but it covers a great deal of chronological history of both the Old and New Testament.

It’s also incredibly simple. Each story is set on two pages. There is text on one page and a graphic on the other. Included under each illustration (thus each Bible story) are 3 questions the reader can engage with.

The author retells the Bible story, then tries to help make connections with “discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments.”

It’s possible to simplify Bible stories so much that you edit out important Gospel connections to God’s larger plan of salvation. In The Gospel Story Bible, we’ve set out to preserve this theological detail by ending each story with a short commentary, designed to connect events in the story to God’s larger redemptive plan. Old Testament stories point forward to Jesus. New Testament stories point to the cross. The goal is to thread each of the 156 Bible stories like beads on the silk thread of the gospel, creating one picture with them all.

The graphics are odd, yet whimsical. They definitely have a distinctive look to them!

This story Bible seems perfect for elementary students. I tried reading through this story Bible with my preschool daughters and they were able to make it through the first story on the first evening. But they were disengaged on the subsequent evenings we pulled this Bible back out. Upon reflection, I think this had to do with lots of text on one page. Preschool students like turning pages (action) to see what’s next. They need to see lots of pictures with simple text across several pages. However, I’ve heard from some of our parents who have this story Bible, that their elementary-aged students have loved it.


You might be interested to know that there are devotional books that correspond to this story Bible as well. There is an Old Testament devotional called Long Story Short, and a New Testament devotional called Old Story New. Each book has 5 nights worth devotional content per Bible story. So one could read the story “God Creates the World” in The Gospel Story Bible, then go through 5 nights worth of devotions surrounding that one story. Then the next week is a different story.


Is The Gospel Story Bible a full text of the Bible? No.
Does this story Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes.
Are the major Bible stories present? Yes… many.

Number of pages: 328
Publisher: New Growth Press, December 5, 2011

This story Bible is available at:


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