The students I work with cannot wait till “Bible Camp” (as they call it).

It’s a week of hanging out with their friends, having fun, and learning more about God.

To the students, what better way to spend a week of your summer than at Bible Camp!

As an adult, I couldn’t agree more, and I’m excited that our students think the way they think about Kids Camp. I’ve written a sort of treatise for the Vision and Structure of Kids Camp on our website, and I’ve also blogged about The Power of Camp in general:

Kids Camp is a wonderful opportunity to spend an entire week with children without outside distractions. Just think, if you have Monday through Friday with your campers, that equals about 60 waking hours with them. If you see your students at church EVERY week for an HOUR, then a focused week of Kids Camp has more time than the whole Sunday School year! Amazing opportunity!

Camp is way to engage with children in a focused and consistent way over an extended period of time. It is an opportunity to display and foster the Jesus-directed, Holy Spirit-infused life that God wants for His people with the campers.

My desire for summer Bible camps is not just another religious experience, but rather, a time where we can show students how Christianity is lived out amidst average, daily life.

I mean radical, daily choices to follow God’s way of life instead of our own. And the fascinating thing with this is the daily activities we engage in (the fun things we do as well as the mundane things like brushing teeth, eating, and sleeping), ALL provide fodder and raw material to interact with students about.

We don’t just need mountain-top, feel-good experiences, although those are helpful and encouraging for a season. What our children and teenagers need to see is the Christian life applied. They need to see it work. They need to see the crux where a choice to follow Jesus or yourself sends your life in one direction or the other. They need to see and be guided by a life lived in obedience to the Holy Spirit. An entire week spent away from “normal” life can bring about some great conversations as well as some great stories and experiences that can propel a child or teen toward an active walk with the Lord.

I love summer Bible camps for this very reason.

It’s a powerful way to actually SHOW, amidst real life, what following Jesus means.

What about you?

How do you “see” summer Bible camps?

What are your aims and visions for that week-long amount of time spent with some energetic and captivated audience of students?

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