The Step-by-Step BiblePart of me wants to cut this Bible up and tape the pages together…

With The Step-by-Step Bible: A Panoramic Journey Through God’s Word, one could actually cut out all the stories (you would need two of these story Bibles to do this) and tape them together to see what it would look like. From page to page, the graphics are supposed to be seemless and connect with both the preceding story and the next one. It truly is a “panoramic journey through God’s Word” in the literal sense of the phrase!

I love this children’s Bible. It is simple, yet comprehensive. The author, V. Gilbert Beers, does a phenomenal job of paraphrasing the Biblical narrative well.

Years ago, I used this story Bible for one year in our children’s ministry. We had families purchase this Bible and commit to reading it through the school year. We had a schedule of reading setup so everyone could follow each other in tandem. During our program times we would review the stories and we created a sort of “Walk Thru the Bible” style, panoramic motions through the Old and New Testament. It was a great story Bible to use for that season of children’s ministry.

It seems like The Step-by-Step Bible: A Panoramic Journey Through God’s Word is currently out-of-print, which is why we aren’t giving this children’s Bible away this week. Because it is a really neat story Bible, I wanted to take the time to at least highlight it. However, one simple search on Amazon reveals that one could easily pick this children’s Bible up used from a number of sources.

I love that I have this Bible on my shelf, and I appreciate it’s content and “panoramic” approach. If the publishers make this story Bible available again, I would love to repeat the same initiative that we did with children and their families several years ago.

My own children mark this children’s Bible as one of their favorites of the many their Dad has around the house. One of the ways we have used this story Bible in our home is letting our girls pick out a story to read instead of reading it in succession. Stories they keep going back to are: The Handwriting on the Wall, The Twelve Disciples, and David and Goliath.

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