the-super-heroes-bible-nirvThe Super Heroes Bible has a subtitle to it:

“The Quest for Good Over Evil”

In essence, that is the plot of the biblical story. God created an amazing world with human beings at its center, the apex of his creation sinned thus introducing evil into the world causing its decay and brokenness, and the stories in the Bible speak to God’s quest to bring good out of evil. In other words, God is redeeming and rescuing his broken creation.

This is a fun children’s Bible!

It’s got a super hero theme running throughout the pages of the Bible with comic lettering, pictures, and features. Every book of the Bible begins with a short introduction as well as highlights many of the characters the reader will meet in that particular book. Interspersed throughout the this Bible are character profiles that show how to be a hero of faith.

If I was an 8-year old kid, I would love to have this Bible!

Publisher’s Description:

The Super Heroes Bible takes you back through time into an incredible world of giants and giant-slayers, kings and commanders, miracles and mysteries. With more than 40 full-color illustrations and 200 character sketches, this full-text Bible, in the New International Reader’s Version, is packed with features that will motivate you to be one of God’s super heroes.

Resource Information

Publisher: ZonderKidz | February 26, 2002
Target Ages: 6-9
Page Count: 1504

Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH): Not yet available here
Amazon: The Super Heroes Bible

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  1. We are doing a super hero theme for Easter! Thanks for showing this, now we know what to get for giveaway!

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