Tongues of Fire Headband

Tongues of Fire Headband

We did an overview of the book of Acts in Followers (Hayward Wesleyan’s after school program) and we decided to do a craft on the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples at Pentecost.

We found this idea on Pinterest (where else, right?), but it didn’t have any instructions, so we had to create this ourselves.

We cut up strips of red paper for the headband part. The students secured the appropriate width of their headband with staples (crude, but quick). Then we created a half sheet of paper with three parts of a flame on it. One was large, the second smaller, and the third the smallest. We had the students color the shapes red, yellow, and orange (it didn’t matter which one was colored which), then cut out those shapes, stack them on top of each other biggest to smallest, and then they stapled that onto their headbands. If we had more time we probably would have used glue sticks to assemble the three-part flame, but the stapler worked in a pinch.

Download Tongues of Fire (Flames) Template (pdf, 36.3kb)

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