treasury-of-bible-storiesIf you’re looking for a creative, whimsical account of a few Bible stories, then Kelly Pulley’s Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times is a fantastic children’s storybook Bible to acquire!

Filled with bug-eyed, character illustrations and catchy titles, this children’s Bible has a unique twist on the recounting of biblical stories: they rhyme. Now, I can rhyme just about as good as the average person… which isn’t very good after one attempt! But the author, Kelly Pulley, does a masterful job of rhyming through these stories:

  • Tricked by a Snake
  • Every Beast Times Two
  • Dreams that were Dreamed
  • Jochebed’s Secret Joy
  • “Let My People Go!”
  • A Wall of Water
  • A Silly-Sounding Plan
  • A Shout for the Lord
  • The Biggest and Toughest
  • God’s Bigger Plan
  • Daniel for Lunch
  • Food for a Fish
  • Good News of Great Joy
  • The Good Dunking
  • A Better Path
  • The Good Neighbor
  • Lost and Found
  • Friends
  • The Payment for Our Sins
  • He Has Risen!

Pulley rhymes through these 20 Bible stories with significance. His rhymes are not simple, but deep and meaningful. Each story contains several pages of rhymes related to the biblical account. It is not a one-page set of rhymes for that story, but a significant amount. The rhyming journey takes the reader on an adventure through the story in a creative, captivating and participatory way.

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Resource Information

Publisher: David C. Cook | September 1, 2014
Target Ages: 4-8
Page Count: 352

Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH): Not yet available here
Amazon: Treasury of Bible Stories
David C. Cook: Treasury of Bible Stories

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  1. The fact that it rhymes sounds interesting and I am sure would make it appealing to young children.

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