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TrueStory Genesis focuses primarily on the idea of storytelling. It takes the stories of the Bible and enables the students to tell, retell, and tell again the story of the week. It encourages using different ways to tell the story and to help every learner feel accepted. This curriculum goes directly through the Bible and empowers children to be able to understand the stories and retell them. It will help them as they grow older and start asking the “big” questions. This curriculum includes the whole family and brings the “faith home.”

TrueStory GenesisStories include:

  1. Creation
  2. The Fall
  3. Cain and Abel
  4. Noah
  5. Tower of Babel
  6. Abraham
  7. Isaac
  8. Jacob and Esau
  9. Jacob’s New Name
  10. Joseph

Author Rachel South interned @ Hayward Wesleyan for a couple of months in 2010. She had the opportunity to experience the end of the Main Street Sunday morning ministry, and then she “created” and crafted a curriculum for the students over the summer months. She ended up self-publishing her curriculum.


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