We talk often of encouraging parents, but we need to equally warn and caution parents of the dangers and threats families face in our world.

“We are very diligent to protect our material assets, and we need to be equally, if not more, diligent to protect our family’s spiritual welfare.”

What are a couple of the greatest spiritual threats for the family?

  • Relativism. “Why is your way the right way? There is no absolute truth.”
  • Materialism.
  • The battle that happens in our hearts… regarding purity.

What can young men expect to face in sexual battles as life progresses?

It doesn’t get any easier.

“It’s like a monster that if you feed it it is going to grow in strength and power, but if you starve it its power will diminish in your life.”

What would you say to men who are involved in pornography regularly  and have been or currently involved in adulterous relationship?

“You can’t do this alone. You need help. Go to someone you trust. Confess, and be accountable to them. Let them help you find a way out. Covenant eyes internet filter with built in accountability. You shouldn’t mess around with it. It will grow in power if left unattended.”

Jesus was probably tempted with these same issues. God has given us His Spirit to help us!

“There is great hope in the Gospel! Take it seriously!!”

There is a daily battle of impure thoughts. How do we handle this daily barrage? What kind of habits do you suggest?

“Develop a habit of identifying, early on, things that could lead us in the wrong direction.”

Men (and women) need to enjoy their spouse.

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