What Do Your Kids Say About You?

I really enjoy talking with kids.

They are always brutally honest. When they are young it is cute. However, the older they get (elementary school age) they learn more and more and there is no “learned” filter on their thoughts or take on life and family.

I have to be careful the kinds of questions I ask about their family. Because if I ask, they will tell me (both the good and the bad)! Oh, if parents only knew the goods I have on them! Kids don’t know what normal is. Normal is what they experience in life (both good and bad).

I wonder what my kids say to people who ask them about our family?

I wonder if they would say:

  • they are loved?
  • they have fun?
  • their parents play with them?
  • we lovingly correct them?
  • we pay attention to them?

What do your kids say about you and your family?

Sam Luce had a great Father’s Day reflection post a while back entitled: What Will Your Kids Remember When You Are Gone? He said something that has been ringing in my head for a while:

I am not judged by my kids for a single instance of perceived anger but that single instance is judged in the context of all my interactions with my kids.

Sam was talking out of his fear that the last thing his kids might remember of him (if he departs unexpectedly from this life) is a “discipline” moment, or an angry comment. But his comment captures more than just a momentary fear. That statement hopefully encourages and chastens all of us as parents to make sure that our kids our lovingly corrected and played with more often than being yelled at or ignored.

What do your kids say about you and your family?

It would be interesting to ask them…

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