Why do we celebrate Christmas? Most children do not know the true answer to that question or why God sent Jesus to live on earth. Why Christmas? is a helpful daily devotional with Scripture reading, memory verse, Christmas carol and questions to direct your child’s heart toward God. The readings, which begin on the first day of December, are biblical, short, and effective. Colorful illustrations illuminate the events of the incarnation. This book will provide parents with the assistance they desire for leading their child to the Christ of Christmas.

Why-ChristmasMy family plans to use this devotional this holiday season. I think my two girls are very aware of why we celebrate Christmas. We even have conversations where I have to convince them that Santa’s not real, to which they tell me: “Dad, we know… it’s just for fun!” How do you argue with that?

However, I think a more formal, routine and consistent time of sitting down as a family sometime each day to interact with the unfolding Christmas story will keep us more focused and sort of get us ready for Christmas morning. I wonder if a disciplined time of reflecting every day will make the formalized rituals like school plays, Christmas parties, caroling, house and retail decorations, candy canes, gingerbread houses, and Christmas Eve services more meaningful. I hope so.

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You can find Why Christmas? by Barbara Reaoch at WPH, Amazon, and Kindle.

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