Dale Hudson sits down with Dr. Tim Elmore and discusses: Technology and the Family

Artificial Maturity: Kids are overexposed to information far earlier than they are ready and underexposed to real life experiences far later than they are ready. We think: ‘Wow, they must be mature!’ But it may not be true. We should want authentic maturity.

We under-challenge kids today.

Recent statistics indicate that 80% of college students plan to move back home after they graduate. Somehow we haven’t prepared these young adults for life after college and home.

Challenges and Technology

New wave of bullying is done through technology. Even the weakest of kids can bully through technology. “As screen time goes up, empathy goes down. I don’t sense empathy when I looking at a text that says ‘I’m having a bad day” but I do sense natural empathy when I see a crying human face.” Empathy and compassion are dropping due to large amounts of screen time. We need to balance out screen time and face-to-face time.

We can embrace technology (it is not inherently evil) and use it redemptively (like followers of Christ should do with anything).

Technology and Learning

Learning will be more collaborative in both the present and future. “I think the future of education is going to be more student-driven and helped by technology.”

Video games are “problems.” Tim see’s more problem-based learning environment driven by technology.


Experiential – People are not looking for a sage on the stage, but a guy on the side with experience.

Participatory – Students own what they create.

Image – Learning is driven by images. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Connected – Students are connected socially and technologically. Whenever you can group students together to learn, it is extremely beneficial.

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