You Are Remembered

Have you ever run into someone that you haven’t seen in years but as you start to greet them they get the, “I have no idea who you are” look on their face?

They don’t remember you!

Time, distance, or change of circumstance robs us of our connection, and we aren’t remembered.

Noah had a drastic change of circumstance over a significant amount of time! I’m guessing after 150 days (Gen. 7:24) he was beginning to feel like he had not been remembered. For two chapters we see God’s judgment poured out, but verse 1 of chapter 8 begins with:

But God remembered Noah

In the midst of tremendous judgment and destruction, Noah was remembered by God. Just when he was beginning to think I am never getting off this stinky boatload of animals (can you relate?) God remembered him. God didn’t just think about him. The Hebrew word here means, “to express concern for someone, to act with loving care.”

Genesis 8:1 is the turning point of this narrative moving from judgment to redemption, from great loss to a powerful promise because “God remembered Noah.”

Whatever is happening on your “boat” know this:

You are remembered by God!