Courtesy of is a funny list of “requirements” for children’s ministry leaders and volunteers:

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  • Sense of humour is not mandatory, but you won’t survive without it
  • Should be quick to recover when you forget a kids name: a staple of generic names such as ‘Buckaroo’ or ‘Fella’ or ‘Bud’ is a must
  • Even though you would watch them anyways, Cartoons are now considered research.
  • Having the ability to always tell a joke or fill in time is a major plus
  • No sense of embarrassment is a plus – especially when doing action songs
  • Must have the immune system of a robot
  • Must be able to use random junk as props
  • Must be able to rig contests so the girls don’t always win
  • Willingness to pray for all sick pets by name
  • Must be able to “Hold it” for entire service rotation
  • Ability to distinguish where “That smell is coming from”
  • Must be able to come up with 10 games from 1 piece of toilet paper.
  • Must remember that ‘knuckles’ are 75% more healthy than high fives.
  • Able to turn all your mistakes into a funny story
  • Able to tolerate bright yellow & orange walls in your office
  • Breath mints … really, kids will call you out for dog breath
  • When faced with embarrassing & awkward situations, must be able to laugh loudly even if no one else does
  • Must realize that every parent believes their child is “very mature for their age” and should not have to stay in that class
  • Must be willing to do and try new things even if “we’ve always done it this way”
  • Must not be satisfied with the status quo
  • Must be able to ignore foul body odors


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